Moot Consulting

Moot Consulting

Launched in 2015, Moot are an independent management consultancy who specialise in a range of services focused on developing strategies that help to improve businesses.

+ Web Design + Print + Photography 



We were asked by Moot to review their existing brand presence, and look at the design and development of their website.

Moot wanted a fresher and visually dynamic appearance that would help them stand out and appeal to a diverse range of potential clients.



 We developed a full brand identity, including a logo that interlinked the middle characters of their name to reflect their focus on partnership development with their clients.

A strong brand visual style was developed using a combination of bold colours and simple linear patterns to illustrate the journey their clients experience. We developed a set of icons to compliment the branding and communicate Moot's core services visually.

Other services included website design and development, photography and printed communications.



“Working with Zavial has brought our new brand to life! A fantastic team of creative, personable and thorough people.”

Sales & Marketing Manager Yarlington Homes


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