CYE Group Branding

CYE Group

Vivid new brand identity for enterprising online event and venue search directories.

CYE group is a collection of leading event and venue websites with over 2.6 million annual visitors. Established in 2000, the company is run by an energetic young team, headed up by two brothers.


CYE approached us to help them develop a new brand identity that would encompass their three primary websites. Thrilled with our dynamic rebrand, they asked us to redesign the interfaces across all their websites.

The group brand identity is a fusion of the brand colours from their venue, event and wedding sub-brands.


The primary focus of the website interface design was to simplify the overall search functionality. Users needed to quickly filter down the 20,000+ venues and events to a short list which they could then contact simultaneuosly.

Following the research stage, each site was wireframed to ensure optimum efficiency of the user journey. Each website was colour coded and retained similar structures to keep the overall brand experience consistent.


“Working with the Zavial team has been and continues to be an absolute pleasure. They immerse themselves in the required brief, essentially becoming a natural extension to our creative team. They have affectionately become our ‘secret weapon’ incorporating all our brand elements from logo conception, literature and site design. We look forward to working more closely with them for future design and development requirements”

Ben Gray, Director CYE Group

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