CWJ Consulting

CWJ Consulting

CWJ have been working with some of the largest energy companies in the UK since 2006, providing a software testing platform that allows companies to thoroughly test their IT systems for performance, durability and security.

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We were approached by CWJ Consulting to develop their brand identity to support the launch of their new software product EmDash.

Alongside the launch, they wanted to bring a new energy to their brand with a bold and dynamic new identity that would help them market their product into new industries.

Branding concepts on the white boardBranding concepts on the white board


Following our analysis of their competitors and the software market place, we identified that a simple icon led brand identity would help provide visual differentiation for the brand. This was supported by a vibrant colour graduation underpinned by a deep charcoal grey. 

The business stationery was printed using a new Lightcure technology allowing us to reproduce rich vibrant colours on absorbent uncoated paper stock.

We are currently working on the interface design for the next generation of their software product.



We approached Zavial to help us rebrand as we started to grow and expand our company. The Zavial team did a fantastic job of understanding our business requirements and came up with a number of strong concepts and designs. Working together we selected the best solution which was developed further to provide a cohesive corporate identity across our business and products – from printed media to website. A great experience and I would highly recommend Zavial!”

Colin Jones, Managing Director


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