UK based startup company Ascenta was the exciting brainchild of a team of experienced mechanical engineers. Pulling together years of experience working in the aerospace industry, they designed a revolutionary high altitude unmanned aircraft designed to be airborne for 90 days.

+ Web Design + Print + 3D Visualisation 



Acenta approached us as a startup company, looking for an agency that could help them brand their high altitude drone and market it to potential investors.

The team required financial investment before they could develop a fullscale prototype of the aircraft, so we were asked to create a photorealistic visualisation to use in their marketing campaign.


The brand colours were influenced by the deep blue gradients found on the edge of space. The identity was developed from a futuristic sans-serif typeface, with the letter A customised to form an arrow suggestive of upward momentum.

We produced a series of photorealistic 3D models which were used throughout their marketing collateral. The images depicted the aircraft in flight, and were also used to show construction features and launch process in their brochure and website.



With branding and marketing material in place, the Ascenta drone caught the eye of the development team at Facebook. A company acquisition quickly followed which saw Ascenta join their Connectivity Lab project, with ambitions to bring internet connectivity to remote regions of the world.

Read more about the Facebook Connectivity Lab project

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