Outsourced design team for global tech company.

A future thinking world leader in designing and manufacturing sophisticated data center management solutions, Geist wanted to find an outsourced design team that could provide ongoing support for their internal marketing department. They found us.


For 5 years now, our relationship has continued to grow, whilst we have been providing a full range of design services, including brand development, brochure design, exhibition stand design and 3D product visualisation.


Our innovative 3D product visualisation service has been a huge asset to Geist, providing a flexible and cost effective alternative to product photography. We have created a library of Geist products in 3D, which are then used to visually market their hardware solutions across multiple marketing channels. In addition, our 3D animation skills have given Geist an invaluable tool to demonstrate their product features and functionality to customers.

We know Geist and Geist know us. Outsourcing has proved to be a huge success for them.

“For the last 5 years, the team at Zavial have provided an agile and responsive design service to our marketing departments both here in the US and the UK. They really understand our brand, and have been pivotal in producing compelling, engaging and consistent design across our brand and marketing collateral.”

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