Feather Grey

Party hats and thinking caps: brand identity and website

Feather Grey provide a large range of ultra stylish party stationery and accessories. A one stop party shop, aiming to help busy parents by providing everything you need for the modern kids party all in one place rather than having to trawl the net for separate items.

Feather Grey logo reversed out of a grey background
Deatiled image of a designer sketching the Feather Grey logo design

The startup company needed a beautifully designed brand identity that would reflect their simple and stylish ‘lifestyle’ vision, whilst appealing to parents and children alike. They also planned to roll out new party products for other occasions, such as weddings and grown up parties, so our design needed the flexibility to accommodate this.

We created a simple identity that had a balance of sophistication and simplicity. It needed the freedom to sit alongside a variety of shapes, patterns and colours without being overwhelmed, but standing firm with a timeless feel.

The branding project was supported with the development of a comprehensive ecommerce website.

Printout of the Feather Grey brand identity colourways for review
Example of the Amble typography used in the Feather Greay branding
Photograph of marshmallow sweets in a bowl
Coloured dot pattern used in the Feather Grey branding
Example of the typography used in the Feather Grey branding
Photography of the kids party bunting
Example of lifestyle images used in the Feather Grey branding
Coloured polka-dot pattern used in the Feather Grey branding

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