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Energising an identity: brand design

CWJ have been working with some of the largest energy companies in the UK since 2006, providing a software testing platform that allows companies to thoroughly test their IT systems for performance, durability and security.

CWJ brand mark in greyscale
CWJ brand identity in full colour on charcoal grey background

We were approached by CWJ Consulting to develop their brand identity to support the launch of their new software product EmDash.

Alongside the launch, they wanted to bring a new energy to their brand with a bold and dynamic new identity that would help them market their product into new industries. The business stationery was printed using a new Lightcure technology allowing us to reproduce rich vibrant colours on uncoated paper stock.

Initial sketches of the CWJ logo concepts in a sketch book
Close-up of the initial sketches of the CWJ logo concepts in a sketch book
Printout of the selected CWJ logo being put up on the studio wall for review

“We approached Zavial to help us rebrand as we started to grow and expand our company. The Zavial team did a fantastic job of understanding our business requirements and came up with a number of strong concepts and designs. Working together we selected the favourite which was developed further to provide a cohesive corporate identity across our business and products – from printed media to website. A great experience and I would highly recommend Zavial!”

Example of the Titillium Web typeface used on the CWJ branding
Example of the type styling used in the CWJ branding
CWJ branded compliment slip in a coloured envelope
CWJ A4 letterheads example
close-up image of the bright print used on the CWJ printed business stationery
close-up detail of the CWJ corporate stationery design
CWJ branded black notepad with orange belly band
CWJ branded corporate stationery including letterheads, business cards and compliment slips
Exmaple use of type in the CWJ branding
CWJ branded memory sticks
Graphic showing how the CWJ sub brand was formed from the primary logo
Sub-brand EmDash logo on a charcoal background
Sub-brand EmDash logo reversed out on a colour gradient background
Example usage of typeface used on the CWJ branding
Icons used in the CWJ branding
View of an iPad screen illustrating the EmDash login page

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