Facebook bought them, a start-up success: Brand development.

UK based startup company Ascenta was the exciting brainchild of a team of experienced mechanical engineers. Pulling together years of experience working in the aerospace industry, they designed a revolutionary high altitude unmanned aircraft designed to be airborne for 90 days.

crop of Ascenta logo
Example of colourways used in the Ascenta branding

With branding in place the Ascenta drone caught the eye of the development team at Facebook. A company acquisition followed which saw Ascenta join their Connectivity Lab project, with ambitions to bring internet connectivity to remote regions of the world.

Example of Klavika typeface used for the Ascenta branding
Example of Kalvika typeface special characters
Close up image of Ascenta brochure cover showing high altitude drone
Brochure internal double page spread showing the features of the Ascenta drone

We were commissioned to develop the brand and marketing material to help the company communicate their vision. Working with sketches and CAD models we helped them to realise their product by building 3D visualisations to present to the world, leading to the Facebook acquisition.

Info graphic detailing the wingspan of the Ascenta drone
Infographic illustrating the flying altitude of the Ascenta drone
CGI render of the office interior of Ascenta, includes 3D logo on the wall
Infographic showing news articles based on the Facebook purchase of Ascenta

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